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RMTs’ support of their professional association helps to keep the RMTBC strong, unified and effective. The RMTBC is pleased to offer MANY BENEFITS to our members.

Each member will now receive identity theft insurance with their dues. Activities that are part of your every day routine, such as using credit cards, ordering items over the phone or on-line by credit card, or submitting personal information to various levels of government can inadvertently expose your personal information to identity thieves. Your RMTBC dues now include expense reimbursements up to $25,000.00 per covered person to restore financial health and credit history as a result of an identity fraud.

RMTBC has several Membership Types. An RMT may qualify for any of these depending on the criteria. The base fee per year is provided below (to the right), and an Insurance Fee of $135.00 will be added to the overall Membership rate. All fees are a flat rate.

Full Time   For those RMTs working more than 30 treatments per month. This category includes all of the benefits listed in Active Members.   $530 per year
Part Time*   For those RMTs working less than 30 treatments per month. This category includes all of the benefits listed in Active Members.   $320 per year
Senior   For those RMTs aged 60 - 69 years. This category includes all of the benefits listed in Active Members.   $250 per year
Honorary For those RMTs who have, by a membership resolution, been granted permanent membership status, for working above and beyond the call of duty for the profession. This category includes all of the benefits listed in Active Members. Non-Voting.

$135 Insurance per year

Associate For those RMTs who are not British Columbia licensed but are working out of province within Canada or any other regulated health care professional. This category includes all the benefits listed in Associate Members. Non-Voting   $250 per year
Associate Inactive   For those RMTs who are inactive/retired BC RMTs or suppliers. Non-Voting.   $100 per year

Part-Time* status equals 30 treatments per month or less and entitles the member to a 40% discount. Individual cases above 30 treatments per month are reviewed. Part Time applicants must enclose an explanation letter with the application form.



Insurance Fee

Each year, the RMTBC negotiates a competitive insurance rate for members. This insurance package includes professional liability (Malpractice) at $5,000,000 and general liability insurance at $5,000,000. The RMTBC malpractice coverage runs from Nov. 1 to Oct. 31 of each calendar year. Insurance payments can be combined with RMTBC dues payments. It is mandatory to be an RMTBC member in order to purchase insurance.

Full Payment   Payment must be dated October 1st of the current year. The total amount includes Membership dues PLUS Insurance Fee.   Payment Options

Quarterly Payment**   Payments via cheque or credit card. The first payment must be dated October 1st of current year AND include the insurance fee. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th cheques dated January, April and July of the next year. Alternatively, members can make consecutive 2nd, 3rd, and 4th payments dated for the first day of November, December and January.




Credit Card   Please provide card number, expiry date and complete name found on card.

Cheque   Please provide either one cheque, or all four cheques if paying quarterly.

Interac e-TRANSFER   Please visit our Interac e-TRANSFER webpage for more details.

Pre-Authorized Bank Withdrawal   Please provide one VOIDED cheque to withdraw 4 payments on the following dates: October 1st, January 1st, April 1st and July 1st.

** Quarterly payments are subject to an administration fee.

A $20.00 administration fee will be charged to members whose payment method results in non-sufficient funds.

A $25.00 administration fee is payable for any changes to membership status.



Dear Members,

RE:  GST Now Required on RMTBC Membership Dues and Services

In the spring of 2017, the RMTABC (the Association) received notification from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), the Association’s 2016 GST return as filed was going to be examined prior to assessment. As part of the examination, CRA has determined that members receive direct tangible benefits and services that are above the threshold allowed by CRA and therefore GST should be charged.

We are currently working with CRA to reconcile our GST account. Moving forward commencing January 1, 2018 the RMTBC will be collecting GST on membership dues and services, excluding insurance.

This issue is separate from the continuing work that the RMTBC is having with our colleagues across Canada to move the profession to be exempt from GST/HST. As you may know, this change will only occur once there are five (5) provinces regulated, currently there are only four (4).



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