By joining the Registered Massage Therapists Association of BC, you are making a commitment to your profession, your colleagues and the patients you care for and treat. The RMTBC offers a wide variety of benefits and services to members. Practice resources, research funding, malpractice insurance, access to our Member and Family Assistance Program are but a few of the benefits you have once you join the RMTBC. To find out more about being a member and its benefits, please view the Membership Guide PDF.

As an advocate for the profession, the RMTBC is actively engaged with government, insurers and the public in promoting the profession.

As a supporter of evidence informed practice, the RMTBC strives to provide the latest in relevant research and studies related to the efficacy and effectiveness of massage therapy.

RMTBC offers a number of membership types. These include:

Active Full Time – $530.00 plus $26.50 GST
For those RMTs working more than 30 hours per month.

Active Part Time – $320.00 plus $16.00 GST
For those RMTs working less than 30 hours per month.

Student Plus – $50.00 plus $2.50 GST
For students enrolled in a recognized program in BC. Student Plus membership includes access to all areas of the RMTBC member website (research, library, practice resources) as well as Travel Insurance and our Member Assistance Program. Non-voting.

Student Basic – Free (only includes access to RMTBC e-Newsletter) Non-Voting.
(Student Basic and Student Plan are not valid once a student becomes a registrant of the CMTBC. There are no refunds. The student membership fee will be credited towards upgrading their membership to a full or part time active membership in the same membership year).

Associate – $250.00 plus $12.50 GST
For RMTs that are non-practicing registrants of the CMTBC or suppliers or other associations. Non-voting

Senior – $250.00 plus $12.50 GST
For those RMTs aged 60 years and older.
Membership purchased January 1st or later will be prorated based on the date of purchase.

Malpractice Insurance
Practicing Members may also purchase optional Malpractice/Commercial and General Liability Insurance.

Student Insurance

  1. Students are not included as insured under the Policies (mentioned above); and
  2. Students who wish to purchase insurance may contact RMTBC for further details on how to do so themselves.

************* PLEASE TAKE NOTICE THAT*************

  • The Registered Massage Therapists’ Association of British Columbia (“RMTBC”) at all times reserves the right to deny any individual member the opportunity to be included as an insured in the RMTBC insurance policies relating to Medical Malpractice Liability and to Commercial General Liability (the “Policies”) and to do so at its sole and exclusive discretion, whether reasonably or unreasonably exercised.
  • Even if the RMTBC offers any individual(s) the opportunity to be an insured under the Policies, the insurance underwriters may refuse to include such individual members as insureds and such refusal may be made in the sole and exclusive discretion of the said underwriter(s).