COVID-19 Resources

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to change rapidly, as does the information available regarding directives and recommendations. The RMTBC is working tirelessly to develop resources for you to effectively manage through this pandemic.
We have developed a section on our website dedicated to COVID-19 information. This section is available on the public side of the website so that you and your staff can easily access the information. We encourage you to check this site daily to look for new and/or changed information. This section is organized as follows:

Small Business Resources and Employment Insurance

This section contains information on how to manage the pandemic as a small business owner, including your responsibilities to your employees and what government supports will be available. This is an area that we expect to evolve rapidly in the next few weeks as government support plans become more developed.

Johns Hopkins on COVID-19 RMTBC Resources


General Pandemic Information

This section provides links to trusted sources on the pandemic and a link to travel advisories that affect all Canadians.