Research in General

The purpose of the RMTBC research department is to:

Encourage and support the development of scientific inquiry as a feature of the profession and use of high quality research in massage therapy education, practices and professional development. It should also be noted that British Columbia is the only jurisdiction in Canada that has a budget for research in massage therapy.

The RMTBC research department has two aims:

  1. To build knowledge in the professions by funding research that informs and improves clinical practice and clinical effectiveness.
  2. To build research capacity in the profession by providing novice researchers with opportunities to gain funding to enhance their research skills and experience.

Research Department endeavors to:

  • Provide seed funding for Massage Therapy research as practiced in BC
  • Award scholarships and to fund educational opportunities that build research capacity
  • Recognize research accomplishments
  • Develop strategic partnerships with massage therapy stakeholders including clinics, educational institutions, and individuals.
  • Promote and support young researchers
  • Disseminate information on research activities
  • Transform results of research into health policy
  • Establish networks within the academic community
  • Create funding opportunities
  • Organize Scientific Research Symposia

RMTBC Funded Research